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tiger and sky

Any event worth its salt must inspire, surprise, impress and provide a holistic experience. At the same time, an event is the perfect occasion for artists, promoters and partners to communicate and share ideas and messages.
A knack for wrapping artistically demanding products in such a way as to appeal to a broad audience of all ages by spicing them up with original, event-oriented ingredients that nevertheless preserve the integrity of the initial intention has become the hallmark of Tiger and Sky. Tiger and Sky is your partner for tailor-made events, i.e. for a customized partnership where your message is given optimal exposure via subtle communication tools and original concepts. A sound communication strategy creates the perfect match between the product or brand and your target audience.

our team

None of us is as smart as all of us.
Pieter Francois
account manager

"Walking jukebox
Serge Platel
managing director

"If at first you do not succeed, do not go skydiving.
Barbara Stevens
project manager



"Steeds een genoegen met jullie te mogen samenwerken"
Burgemeester Daniƫl Termont na de organisatie bij de Tour de France in Gent.

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